Special Session: RGB-D (Xbox-Kinect) application competition

The goal of this special session is to provide a competition for computer vision researchers to present novel ideas and/or computer vision applications related to RGB-D camera such as Xbox Kinect. The Xbox Kinect is a new game hardware developed by Microsoft that consists of a depth camera and a stereo camera. The Xbox Kinect has drawn a lot of attentions, not only in game industry, but also in computer vision research community. There is also a growing interest to use input from Xbox for doing computer vision task, such as tracking, human pose estimation. By organizing this special session in ACCV 2012, we aim to provide a platform for computer vision researchers to present their preliminary ideas and results related to RGB-D cameras.

Date: 6 November 14:30 18:00
Venue: 1F Lobby, DaejeonConvention Center

Award Winner:
Best Kinect Application Award:
        Kinect Reality: Real-time 3D Scanning Based Augmented Reality
        presented by Junho Jeon, Daehoon Yoo, Chiyoung Lee, Hyunjoon Lee, Junho Kim, Seungyong Lee
Best Kinect Application Award (First Runner-up):
        Full Scale Fashion Coordinate System for Online Shopping,
        presented by Yasuyuki Hayashi, Soh Masuko

Prize (Sponsored by Microsoft):
        First prize: 800 USD
        First Runner-up: 200 USD

Format of the competition:
The competition is a peer evaluated competition. Each participate will be asked to give a poster presentation and/or demo during the special session event in the ACCV2012. The attendants of ACCV 2012 will vote for the winner of this competition. There is no limitation about the application domains, the only requirement is that participates must use aRGB-Dcamera, e.g. Xbox Kinect, as one of their input device.

Authors preparing the special session:

A poster board (Same size as the poster board for poster presentation in regular paper) and a 3-meters table with power supply will be assigned to each group. Video monitor will be provided upon request for video demo.

Title Authors
Gesture Mouse based on Reciprocating Gesture using Microsoft Kinect Shu Wen*, Yonghong Song, Yuanlin Zhang, Yu Yu
Detecting Falls by using Depth Cameras Rainer Planinc*, Martin Kampel
RGB-T-D: Augmenting the framework with thermal-infrared Stephen Vidas*, Peyman Moghadam
Essential Body-Joint and Atomic Action Detection For Human Activity Recognition Using Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm Sou-Young Jin*, Ho-jin Choi
ACT$4^2$: An Open Multi-View Multi-Source Benchmark Dataset for Action Analysis Lei Qin*, zhongwei cheng, qingming huang, qi tian
Handwriting-Based Authentication Using Kinect Chengzhang Qu*, jing tian, Wenyuan Xu, song Wang, Dengyi Zhang
Finding people using rgb-depth sensors Javier Oliver*, Alberto Albiol, Antonio Albiol, Jose Manuel Mossi
Large Indoor Scene Reconstruction using Graphs of Primitives Diego Thomas*, Akihiro Sugimoto, Viet-Dung Nguyen
Real-Time Gesture Recognition Using 3D Images Osama Dweik*, Hashem Tamimi
A Shadow Repair System for Kinect Depth Maps Yu Yu*, Yonghong Song, Yuanlin Zhang, Shu Wen
Full Scale Fashion Coordinate System for Online Shopping Yasuyuki Hayashi*, Soh Masuko
3D Hand Tracking in Depth Images Joongrock Kim*, Sunjin Yu, Jinkye Hwang, Sangyoun Lee
Human-Computer Interaction using Kinect Heon Gu*, Hyung-Chan Kim, Hakil Kim
Kinect Reality: Real-time 3D Scanning Based Augmented Reality Junho Jeon, Daehoon Yoo, Chiyoung Lee, Hyunjoon Lee, Junho Kim, Seungyong Lee*
Model Based Training, Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less 3D Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes using the Kinect Stefan Hinterstoisser*, Vincent Lepetit, Slobodan Ilic, Stefan Holzer, Gary Bradski, Kurt Konolige, Nassir Navab
Hand Mouse Using Depth-Map Biho Kim, Changsoo Je, Hyung-min Park*
Multi-modal RGBD Sensors for Object Recognition Tarek El-Gaaly*, Marwan Torki, Ahmed Elgammal, Maneesh Singh, Haopeng Zhang, Zhiguo Jiang
Korean Fingerspelling Recognition from a Depth Camera Sung Yong Chun, Chan-Su Lee*, JiYea Shin, ShinWon Park
Accurate Motion Deblurring using Camera Motion Tracking and Scene Depth Hyeoungho Bae*, Charless Fowlkes, Pai Chou

   ACCV2012 organizing committee chaired by Yu-Wing Tai ( special@accv2012.org ) and Miran Lee from Microsoft UR team